Monday, February 18, 2013

Manic Monday

This is my very first blog. I haven't made one since I have no time and busy with school. My name is Samantha. I'm sixteen years old who have dreams of being successful in the future. I live in the concrete jungle of New York City and I'm loving it. I'm currently a Junior in a Journalism School. Hope you guys enjoy reading my nonsense posts. I post the most random things ever. So, BEWARE. :)

Morning Rush.

First post on the very first blog. A lot of thoughts are running through my head right now and I really don't know how to start my post, so I'll just talk about what I did the whole day. I woke up extra early today. All dolled up  and rushed to go to my friend's house. Before we headed to the City, we took pictures first. Well, that's like our routine when we see each other. I didn't have any outfit details because I wasn't planning on having a blog. It was last minute so.. Whatever. Here are some of the pictures because there were tons! 

Top- H&M (Ombre shirt)
Scarf- Forever 21 (gray wool)
Bottoms- Century 21 (Pair of Leggings)
Socks- H&M (distressed gray)
Shoes- Dr. Martens

My sissy, Dana, and I took the Subway and got off to Lincoln Center. We watched Warm Bodies (better late than never) We really thought of watching it when we first saw the trailer while watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II. We made a promise to ourselves that we should watch it!We both laughed and loved it. It deserves a 5 stars!!

After the movie, we both got hungry and decided to go to Shake Shack to fill up our growling tummies. But before that, we were tempted to go to Urban Outfitters to see some stuff. I promised myself not to spend on clothes or accessories, but I got a floral backpack that I've been wanting so bad. Finally they are in my hands now. It was really a good deal so I got it! :) So, we headed to Shake Shack after five blocks of walking. The line was really long as always but it was worth the wait. They seriously have the best burger in the world! I ordered the SmokeShack Burger and Cheese Fries. I had no idea that it was spicy. Good thing I had extra water bottle in my bag so I was fine.  After having a Santa belly, Dana and I went to 16 Handles to get frozen yogurt for dessert.

We both walked to Lincoln Center to take pictures since the view was really calm and admirable. The people were sophisticated and full of poise. The pictures we took were basically our #ootd or Outfit Of The Day. Then, we went to Columbus Circle and Time Warner Center to warm up because we were freezing. 

Bisous, Samantha